The world is changing along with the innovations in technology. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are fascinating concepts for today and essential for tomorrow. Different types of software and applications are using this kind of ML and AI in order to provide the users with the best experience. Social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube are also using this technology. Some amazing ways through which YouTube uses ML have been explained here:

Removing Objectionable Content

No one wants to see the objectionable content on YouTube and even in the suggestion, that’s why YouTube has created such algorithms using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques so that you can only see that type of content in which you are already interested. One of the most drivers for YouTube’s diligence in removing objectionable content is that the pressure from brands, agencies, and governments and therefore the backlash that’s experienced if ads appear alongside offensive videos. When ads started appearing next to YouTube videos supporting racism and terrorism, Havas UK and other brands began pulling their advertising dollars. In response, YouTube deployed advanced Machine Learning and partnered with third-party companies to assist provide transparency to advertising partners.

Up Next Feature

The Up-Next feature on YouTube videos is also due to the usage of ML and AI. This enables us to play manually or autoplay the next videos by just pressing a single time. Since the dataset on YouTube is consistently changing as its users upload hours of video every minute, the AI required to power its recommendation engine needed to vary from the advice engines of Netflix or Spotify. It had to be ready to handle real-time recommendations while new data is consistently added by users.

Effects on Videos

The Artificial Intelligence researchers of Google have trained a network of the algorithm, to be ready to swap out different new backgrounds on videos without the need for any specialized equipment. While it has been possible to try to do this for decades, the screens that are replaced through digital effects but it was a sophisticated and time-consuming process. The researchers trained an algorithm with carefully labeled imagery that allowed the algorithm to find out patterns, and therefore the result’s a quick system that will continue with video. In this way, you can see the new effects on YouTube videos. The YouTube videos are also indexed with the help of a Machine Learning algorithm.


YouTube is the best place for getting training for AI and ML algorithms. Moreover, Google also provides you with thousands of ML videos on this platform. In short, the Machine Learning algorithm is working its best for making YouTube the best place for users.