5 Ways AI Can Change the World for Better

Artificial Intelligence is a fascinating concept that can help humanity in a better way. It is going to change the world for the better. Everything has its risks so as the AI but it's a lot of other advantages that can overcome its risks. Evolution is faster in the present age than it was ever before so to cope with this technology, everyone must have to use the feature of Artificial Intelligence. The future lies in the hands of those who are ready to adopt digital transformation, in the way of using the Robotic Process Automation. The major fields where [...]

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How YouTube Uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The world is changing along with the innovations in technology. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are fascinating concepts for today and essential for tomorrow. Different types of software and applications are using this kind of ML and AI in order to provide the users with the best experience. Social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube are also using this technology. Some amazing ways through which YouTube uses ML have been explained here: Removing Objectionable Content No one wants to see the objectionable content on YouTube and even in the suggestion, that's why YouTube has created such algorithms using Machine Learning [...]

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Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is actually the ability of smart software, applications, and machines that can perform all the actions just in a human way. The particular software, application, or machine has the abilities of humans like reasoning, decision making, planning, and problem-solving. This intelligence is also the blessing of humans to the machines by which they are able to do each and everything that a human mind can do. The field is gaining more and more important with every passing day. There are a lot of advantages that AI can provide you with. Some of them have been explained here: 1. [...]

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